Collectors' Convention

The Knife Days started with the Collectors‘ Convention on 10. MAI 2018. It provided an opportunity for collectors to meet, to exchange their knowledge, and to make new contacts. Two areas of collection were addressed: Cutlery and vintage knives. These two areas each had their own space at the museum. However, taking a look "beyond ones own nose" was not only possible, but encouraged.

Like in the last years, the meeting of cutlery collectors took place at the first floor of Deutsches Klingenmuseum. It covered the history of cutlery design from historical to modern pieces. The vintage knives shown on the second floor were mainly production knives from up to ca 1980. However, historical pieces were also welcome.

Participants had the choice to join the Collectors’ Convention either as audience, or they could reserve a table to present their own collection.

To start the convention at 11:00, two experts gave lectures on cutlery and vintage knives, respectively. After that, the tables were opened for the presentation of personal collections.

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Opening times

  • daily 10 –17 Uhr
  • on Fridays 14 –17 Uhr
  • on Mondays closed