Klingenmuseum Knife Award

The "MesserPreis des Deutschen Klingenmuseums" (Klingenmuseum Knife Award) is awarded annually for the best interpretation of a given topic. It has been endowed with 2,000.00 € by the foundation of the Friends of the Klingenmuseum (Stiftung der Freunde des Deutschen Klingenmuseums e. V.). The award ceremony is held at the Knife Makers' Show on Saturday, 12. MAY, at 19:30.

Knife Award 2019!

Dear Knife Makers,

as most of you already know, there will be no Knife Makers' Show at Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen in 2019. The Klingenmuseum, the City of Solingen, and the Deutsche Messermacher Gilde (German Knifemakers' Guild) are, however, already planning a new event for the year 2020 – a new format that will surely excite you.

But even without a Knife Makers' Show, the KnifeAward will be awarded in 2019. As in the last years, it is endowed with 2000,00 € by the Freunde des Deutschen Klingenmuseums e. V. The award ceremony will be held 18. MAY at Deutsches Klingenmuseum.

The motto for the award had been already announced in MAY 2018:

Slipjoint – always with yout!

The aim is to present an outstanding slipjoint knife that can be conveniently carried every day, and that is legal according to §42a of German weapon laws: single-edged, with a blade shorter than 12cm. Folding knives with any kind of locking mechanism (back locks, liner locks, axis-locks, etc.) will not take part in the competition. Pieces will be judged according to functionality, craftsmanship, design, and creativity.

To take part in the comptetion, please send your knife until 30. APR 2019 to:
Deutsches Klingenmuseum, z. H. Dr. Sixt Wetzler, Klosterhof 4, 42653 Solingen, Germany.
After the Knife Award, participating knives will be sent back to their makers. The winning knife will be exhibited at Deutsches Klingenmuseum until the festival of St. Martin,  11. NOV 2018, and will be sent to the manufacturer afterwards.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Knife Award 2018 – Make a Machete!

The topic for the Knife Award 2018 was: Make a Machete!

Machetes from Solingen were a bestseller in the city's product line, and highly valued all over the world. A Colombian source from the 19th century tells of a disappointed customer who has to learn that the sought-after Corneta machetes from Solingen are sold out, and only grudgingly settles with another blade...

On the other hand, the machete is a truly international phenomenon: The heavy chopping knife can be found in almost all countries, in all shapes and sizes, and made from various materials. (The picture shows DKM 1941.W.128, a golok from Java)

The topic of the Knife Award 2018 thus connected both to the history of Solingen, and to the worldwide culture of blade production. Participants were encouraged to use all their imagination and to hand in their very own interpretation of the machete. The pieces were judged according to their functionality, the applied craftsmanship, design, and creativity. The winning machete was exhibited after the Knife Days until the festival of St. Martin at Deutsches Klingenmuseum, and then was sent back to the maker.




Knife Award 2017

The winner of the Klingenmuseum KnifeAward 2017 was Reinhard Tschager from Bolzano, a member of the German Knifemakers’ Guild. His exquisite knife "Gentleman" features a beautiful damascus blade (damascus from Devin Thomas), a handle of fossilized walrus and horse tooth, and inlays of 18-carat gold. The knife’s elegant silhouette is especially impressive.

(Jury: Curt Mertens, member of the Foundation FDKM; Gerhard Wieland, prize-winning member of the German Knifemakers’ Guild; Hans Joachim Wieland, editor in chief of “Tweed” magazine and founder of “Messermagazin”; Dr. Sixt Wetzler, Deutsches Klingenmuseum)

Knife of the Year

A jury nominated the "Knife of the year" during the Knife Maker`s Show since 2000. More





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