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Messer Macher Messe 2017 – International Knife Makers‘ Show 06. MAY 2017

Deutsches Klingenmuseum/German Blade Museum Solingen

Handmade Knives in Solingen

The 18th annual Knife Makers‘ Show was held at Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen at 06. MAY 2017. It is one of Europe’s largest events for handmade knives of the highest quality. 80 exhibitors from various countries took part, many of whom are members of Deutsche Messermacher Gilde, the German Knife Makers’ Guild.

A program dedicated to the art of knifemaking accompanied the show, with demonstrations on steel production, pattern welding and sheath construction, and courses on knife sharpening, among other topics.

The show’s opening reception on Friday evening, 05. MAY, featured the award ceremony of the newly founded “Klingenmuseum Knife Award”. In 2017, it was awarded in cooperation with “Tweed”, the magazine for gentlemen, to the best interpretation of the motto “small, exquisite, fixed”. The winner won 2.000 €, donated by the trust of Freunde des Deutschen Klingenmuseums e. V.

Simultaneously with the Knife Makers’ Show, a new special exhibition will be opened: ”Masters of Finnish Knifemaking“ will show traditional Finnish knives next to pieces from six contemporary craftsmen who are acknowledged as master knifemakers by the Finnish ministry of culture. The exhibition can be visited until 20. AUG 2017.

Deutsches Klingenmuseum
Klosterhof 4, D - 42653 Solingen, Germany

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