Knife Market

The "knife community" of today is more diverse than ever: Besides the fans of fine custom knives, there are collectors of vintage knives and modern tactical blades; besides collecting, knife making as a hobby has a huge following; besides owning and presenting knives, exchanging and sharing knowledge about knives becomes ever more important.

The Knife Market on 11. MAY 2018 was a meeting point and market place for everyone fascinated with knives. A place to discuss all things knife-related, to sell ones products, and to purchase one or the other fine knife.

In contrast to the Knife Makers’ Show, which presented exclusively handmade custom knives of the highest quality, the Knife Market was also open to young knife makers and hobbyists, to serial production knives and second-hand knives, and to vendors of tools and materials. Workshops on knife making and proper knife use completed the event.

A list of exhibitors can be found here.

Further information for visitors can be found here.




Opening times

  • daily 10 –17 Uhr
  • on Fridays 14 –17 Uhr
  • on Mondays closed